1. Sys Programming

    The second module is more about sys programming, so you deal with file management (open a file, create a file, inspect the content of a directory, get infos about a file and so on) plus Threading a Forking.

    Working on files, at least the basic operations I have seen, is quite easy.

    I believe I will need some times to do the exercises about Threading and Forking, I would like to grasp the concepts as well as possible.

    At the moment, I have done just the followin snippets:
    1. IP Info tool: gets an IP and returns if is a valid IPv4 and to which class it belongs;
    2. A simple program which returns a hierarchical trees of the files into a folder;
    3. A program which asks to the user to put a filename.
    If the file exists, it prints out creation date, size, path, and other simply infos.

    I hope I will grasp all the other concepts well, there are really interesting exercise from now, But I would like to study a bit the concepts, as said, before going ahead.

    Even if I do not have so much time, I hope I will handle it.