1. Module 1

    I have just finished to see the video of the Module 1 of the SPSE class.

    As I said in the previous post, the course I formed of 9 Module, and every module is formed of other topics, in a variable number.

    Unfortunately, my daily agenda is often full due to my work and my college courses (at least at the moment, I might drop out again) so I did not have so much time to go deep but I have been able to watch all the videos.

    First module is formed of 10 videos, one is an introduction of the course in general, and the other 9 are a nice overview of the following Python`s concepts:

    1. Introduction and environment set up;
    2. Variables, data types;
    3. Sets, Dictionaries, Tuples;
    4. Conditional Statements;
    5. Functions;
    6. Classess, objects;
    7. Modules;
    8. Packages;
    9. Exception Handling.

    As I said, I have been (as usual) quite busy, so I did not go deep and I have to admit I still did not code anything, but I can already give a small and partial feedback about the first module.

    Vivek is a very good teacher, explains every topic in a really clear and concise way.

    Anyway, this first module is just an introduction to who does not have any kind of experience in Python or in programming language in general.
    I would say that for a guy who has not ever programming before, this introduction would be too “weak” for him, and If I were him I would go for something a bit more depth, at least for a couple of weeks.

    In my case, some concepts were not new at all, I knew a bit of Python several years ago, and I have a scholastic experience of Java and C, so I am not totally new to programming.
    But anyway, I think would be beneficial give a rapid look of those topics on my book, to stick`em in my head and then try to code something stupid.

    I was thinking about a silly program which after an IP inserted from the user, will retrieve and print some basic informations like if is a valid address, the class to which belongs and the binary form.

    Yeah, something really silly but which can let me use variables, methods, a couple of statements, exception handling and so on.

    Hopefully I will have it done on Monday night, today and tomorrow I am going to be so busy that I won`t have probably time to do anything.