1. SPSE Course Material!

    Finally I have received the SPSE course material.

    Be careful, I do not know the reason but Gmail marked it as spam, so I have noticed to have received it only after 3 hours and half.

    Into the mail I`ve been provided with my username and first-access password, a link from where I am retrieving the video (+2.6GB of videos) and the link to the Student`s portal.

    The portal is well organized, done with Moodle (an LMS, Learning Management System) and is formed of one topic per “argument”.

    The course is formed of 52 topics, grouped into 9 modules.
    Every module has the own Q&A section, where the student can post her questions and reply to the others ones.

    I haven’t watched any video yet, and I won`t as long as I will be in the office, but I went through some slides, and the exercises and topics are really really interesting.

    Tonight I will probably try to set up an Ubuntu server (on Virtual Box), enable SSH and try to create a bridge network with my Macbook Air, in order to start the exercise with the same environment used by the teacher.