1. Keep track.

    Hi there, 

    I have chosen to create this blog in order to keep track of my progress in order to fullfil the requirements I need  to find a new job into the InfoSec field.

    Currently I am working as Network Engineer (CCNA certificated), and I have a 1 year contract with my company.
    My background before this job was 2 years and half of 2nd level support (Network, Windows OS, Printer, Office Suite, Lotus Notes, etc..).

    Today I have chosen to enroll myself into the SPSE class (SecurityTube Python Scripting Expert), because I think it will help me a lot in learning Python applied directly to some security concepts.

    According to them, I will receive new informations and the course material tomorrow.

    Useful links: http://securitytube-training.com/certifications/securitytube-python-scripting-expert/